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Have you ever experienced a Micro-current Facial? An electric facial can give an instant lift to your face with pain-free, and no downtime for recovery.

Microcurrent or Electric facial is one of my favorite and specialties concerning anti-aging, age-reversal, age-defying treatments. The facts that many of my clients adore healthy approaches. Instant, visible glowing, radiant, beautiful, lifting, firming and toning complexion are noticeable. The results are long-lasting when customers follow my suggested treatment modalities that include anti-inflammation and balance diets; nutritional supplements comprising good fatty acids and anti-inflammatory minerals and vitamins; high-performance, clean and safe skin care regimen.

Allow me to share a feedback (see below) from a young client whom posted it in Yelp about the experiences that she encountered in regards to micro-current facials. She included the benefits, and compliments that she has received.

Kristina T.
Las Vegas, NV
23 friends
32 reviews
5.0 star rating 11/18/2013
I started doing facials a few months ago when I was recommended by a friend about what great facials Tina offered. At first I was a bit apprehensive because this was my first time getting a professional spa facial done. However, Tina was very patient and knowledgeable at explaining what I should do to get the skin I wanted. What I most appreciated about Tina is that she is VERY well trained and educated on the type of procedures she was doing and explained why each step was necessary.

My favorite part about getting facials done from Tina is that I am constantly getting compliments afterward. The first time I got a facial done I went into work the next day and had a handful of coworkers mention how somehow I had a “glow” about me and that face just illuminated. The next time I went in for a facial, Tina recommended me to do the “anti-aging” microcurrent treatment. O-M-G! I LOVE THIS! I get an instant oomph and lift in my skin. Granted I am only 26 years old, Tina explained to me that the microcurrent, when treated at a young age, can help prevent future wrinkles and sagging over the course of time (well at least delay the wrinkles from coming on sooner!). So far I’ve had 3 microcurrent treatments done and the last compliment I got was a day after treatment when my colleague asked if I got botox done. I was glad to tell him of course not! Tina’s hands are definitely magic and can make you look and feel beautiful in your own skin without any makeup. Since going to her, I’ve already had at least 4 friends try her out and are now frequent regulars. I would definitely recommend!!!
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Need to learn more about microcurrent facial?  Check out below to discover about its procedures, and benefits.

Infographic to inquire about alternatives to defy or reverse aging

Explanation about Microcurrent Facial




Microcurrent facial treatment modalities

Luminescent Skin by Tina T is trained, certified with Bio-Therapeutic cutting-edge microcurrent device, aslo, is specialized in Suzuki sequencing, you are assured to solid and long-lasting results.

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