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Does mature facial skin benefit from classical or traditional massage and electrical stimulation?

Toning Facial employing Bio-Therapeutic’s micro-current beauty devices

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Classical or traditional massage, and electrical stimulation (known as microcurrent or toning facial) benefit mature facial skin?

Allow me to share the findings which are listing in a clinical study that Juoazpaviciene and colleagues performed which aims the evaluation of anti-aging effects on mature skin employing classical facial massage, or electrical stimulation is recently published in Health Sciences as follows:
A. Traditional massage techniques generate the following:
• Skin texture showed hydration in the U area along with augmentation of a facial fat content;
• Wrinkle depth on the forehead decreased while its width increased
• No change in wrinkles depth around eyes area but their width increased;
• Arterial tissue blood flow can be improved but not in all individuals.
B. Electrical stimulation generated blood flow which increased facial tissue, but oxygen uptake benefits can or cannot occur to all person.

These cited facts are fascinated since there are proven data of anti-aging benefits to mature facial skin with the above displayed non-invasive treatments. Not only the study above posted the results of electrical stimulation provided blood flow benefits, but there are, also, other clinical studies published data of anti-aging effects as follows:

  • Dr. Emil Y. Chi, Ph.D.’s (University of Washington) in his well-studies cited:
    – Skin tissue treated with microcurrent produced a 45% increase in the number of elastin fibers in the dermis and, on average, the length of the fibers doubled;
    – Collagen thickness in the connective tissues augmented 10%; protein synthesis by 70%; and 40% of augmentation in cellular transport;
    Again in his 2003 study, he noted a 35% increase in peripheral blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • Dr. Ngok Cheng performed a study at the University of Louvain; Belgium displayed his findings as follows:
    The higher the microcurrent values, the less beneficial the effect. For instance, according to his research when microcurrent levels were used up to 500 microamps, skin regeneration raised almost 500 percent. Between 1000 and 5000 microamps, adenosine triphosphate (ADT) generation plummeted; and at or above 5000 microamps, it dropped below baseline control levels;
  • Dr. Bert Sakman and Dr. Edwin Neher obtained Nobel prize for their work regarding the response of microcurrent on the physiology of human cellular membranes, have displayed their findings pertaining the abilities to communicate between cells when employing Microcurrent. These actions transmit adenosine triphosphate (ADT) known as energy.
  • Dr. Sakman’s and Dr. Neher’s research further illustrates a particular nutrient: calcium, magnesium, sodium and so on are in each cell where it contains between 20 and 44 different ion channels. The employment of electrical stimulation provides electroporation could detoxify the cells through pulsation. Through electroporation, there are possibilities that both toxins and nutrients can exchange via cellular membranes. This discovery has had implications for the medical field and represents the opportunity for the aesthetician working with problematic skin condition: oxygen deprived, or sun damaged skin.

At Luminescentskinbytinat, we offer beautification services that focus on natural healing, and health since we are a firm believer in “Beauty through Health” concept, they are our core philosophies.

We are comprehending the importance of blood flow to the facial area where the anti-aging effects play the crucial role in hydrated, plumped, youthful skin texture. Another factor, a must-have anti-aging, aged-defying secret that contributes to a forever youthful appearance is to be inflammation-free.

With all the knowledge in regards to elements that can beat the fall of aging, our Anti-Aging, Aged-Reversal, Aged-Defying skin treatment services include the following treatment modalities:

  • European classical facial massage into our unique Aromatic Anti-Aging services where we utilize DECLEOR protocols and its fabulous Anti-Aging Aromessence product lines which are rich in botanical base substances to incorporate Aroma pressure, Aroma drainage and Aromassage for the luxury sensation and well-being;
  • Toning or Microcurrent Facial (is known also as electrical muscle stimulation – EMS – which focuses on muscle stimulation, contraction, and re-education) utilizing Bio-Ultimate microcurrent – a high-end beauty device carries 500 microamps  that are manufactured by Bio-Therapeutic – a USA reputable manufacturer  who certified us in their concrete and patented Anti-Aging lifting techniques. Our offered Bio-Rejuvenation advanced services target the produce of adenosine triphosphate (also known as ATP, a protein that is referred to as ‘the energy of life’), collagen;
  • Reflexology, an Eastern health therapy that focuses to free inflammation – A methodology that stimulates the nervous system to release tension or pains, to unblock “qi”  – it is utilizing unique micro movement techniques such as thumb or finger walking and hook and backup to create a response throughout the body. Reflexology works “from the inside out”. There are reflex points on your face that can ease off pains that you might have, for instance, apply Reflexology movements around the temple areas to alleviate a migraine or a headache; between the eyes brown areas for shoulder pains, etc.

Coco Chanel – a fabulous and celebrity once has left a famous quote: “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

And should the fountain of youth and well-being are your objectives and matter, and you are looking for an experienced, skilled and efficient solution provider who can assist you in reaching to your desired expectations: a beautiful, youthful, plumped, healthy and glowing skin texture to your mature complexion?  Our qualifications listing below will respond to your goals and assure thrilled satisfaction when experimenting our aesthetic services to restoring, repairing or defending your fountain of youth:

  • A DECLEOR, Clarins, Hale Cosmeceuticals certified skin therapist, skin care specialist; we furnish you an efficient plan for your skin care regimen with products that fuel with nutrients, vitamins, and natural healing constituents to follow after receiving our beautification services for long-lasting benefits and results. These are essential to defending, protecting, prolonging, restoring or repairing your fountain of youth;
  • A certified technician of Bio-Therapeutic’s microcurrent device and well-trained of its patented anti-aging lifting movements that can give an instant and visible firm, tone, plump complexion;
  • A knowledgeable with Facial Reflexologist skills, who can help to lighten and relief inflammation.

Anti-Aging Treatment

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Anti-Aging Treatment for female in early 40's who complained of her 11's lines, premature wrinkles, poor elasticity. Treatment modalities with Microcurrent/Toning Facial for a firmer, toner and youthful complexion.

Also, our enclosed work portfolio where we display our customers’ “Before and After”‘s looks showed the anti-aging effects and benefits after receiving our natural healing beautification services. These have affirmed anti-aging benefits to mature facial skin when receiving classical massage and electrical stimulation as cited per all of the above skin experts who published data in their clinical studies.

Should you agree with Fay Weldon’s comment “Beauty is the first present nature gives to women and the first it takes away” – so be in charge of “a precious forever fresh look” and stand by our philosophy “Beauty through Health.”

Are you ready to feel healthy and look amazingly with healthy and natural approaches? Let start to call or text us at (408) 479-4263 or click here to contact us for a consultation.







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