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Professional Technologist certified by Bio-Therapeutics.

DeCleor Skin Specialist Certified.


What can you discover “about” Luminescent Skin by Tina T?

My Philosophy

“Beauty Through Health” is my defined mission by helping people to augment the quality of life and achieve balance of body, mind, and soul. Outer beauty can only be achieved through inner health – health of the mind as well as the body. My passion in natural healing and harmony concept have deeply attracted me to continuously studying subjects of “natural energy” through plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, bio marine, natural stones, and healing techniques from the West’s and East’s medicinal concepts employing reflexology; pressure points, drainage for my offered facial and skin treatment services.  These knowledge has been eye-opening, the power of natural healing through anti-oxidant properties such as vitamin A, C, E…  as well as in harmonie with minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc…  can significantly alter a person’s health.  Also through continued learning of natural functional medicinal methods, these have given me abundant experiments,  experience, knowledge and skills which have assisted me tremendously in selecting proper ingredients and techniques to providing effective skin treatment services to problematic skin conditions, such as:  acne, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, sensitive, aging, pre-mature aging… As a strong believer in natural healing, I will aid you effectively in designing a specific regimen program that fits your health and beauty needs with products that contain ingredients rich in natural healing properties. As a certified technologist of micro-current technic, I have the experiences and training with cutting edge devices to work with anti aging populations as well. You will be provided with non-abrasive and no downtime for your skin lift and rejuvenate services;  will notice and benefit instant and long-lasting results. Not least nor last, I consistently strive to furnish you the very best service and care.


My Promise

Deliver professional, honest, friendly, and loyal services to all customers. I am committed to sharing “beauty through health” and giving the best advice through continuous education, training, and experience.  My promise is that you will achieve a natural healthy, glowing, and radiant skin.


My Goal

Constant support through informed health updates  and services in order to achieve inner health as well as outer beauty. A radiant, healthy, and beautiful skin is not achieved only by creams in a jar but rather by an effective regimen of nutrition, exercise, health of mind and spirit, as well as an excellent skin and body program.


My Commitment

I am committed to work with you through your goals and expectations. I believe that working together is the best technique in developing healthy skin regimen. I also believe that with your commitments to my suggested skin regimen and health program, you are guaranteed satisfaction to a healthy, glowing, radiant looking skin.