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Bio-Rejuvenation Facial

Bio-Rejuvenation Facial Services

Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent and Light Activated Rejuvenation  are our bio-rejuvenation facial services.  All are non-invasive, non-ablative procedures to skin resurfacing which aim to be adjunct to topical therapies that treat varieties of problematic skin such as  hyperpigmentation; aging; acne; blemishes; broken capillaries.

Penetration of products into the skin is essential, and these services described above certainly the key contribution to the success.  They are cost-effective and high-performance to anti-aging, problematic skin treatments.

Why do we select Bio-Therapeutic devices to perform Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Services?

Bio-Therapeutic is a recognized global leader in advanced clinical skin care with a focus on anti-aging technology. With a passion for excellence, its beauty/medical devices are FDA and ISO registered, upholding the highest quality standards in worldwide equipment manufacturing. Also, they are, safety tested, and UL/CSA listed.

In addition, the company has dedicated extensive time and resources to research with determination to finding exact mechanism to design result-oriented microcurrent machines that work effectively on the human body. To today’s date, Bio-Therapeutic has successfully delivered effective and high-performance devices that tremendously benefit the medical industries as well as cosmetic and personal enhancement applications.

Bio-Therapeutic’s commitments and achievements had certainly passionate me and provoked me to acquire their beauty devices for my business practice. The functionalities and performance of their equipment align with my expectation and wellness philosophy.

My clients and I have truly enjoyed the repetitive of solid, instant, healthy and long-lasting results.

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