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Toning Facial or Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent or Toning Facial

Surgical free Face Lift facial, possible?

Microcurrent or toning facial is also known as Electrical Stimulation.

Microcurrent mimics the body’s natural electrical current to re-educate fine facial muscles which are most related to the term “facial toning”. Micro-current treatments are non-invasive, non-ablative, no downtime for recovery, have been called “the non-surgical facelift” as they provide with instant and visible lift, firm and tone effects resulting in younger looking skin. This process stimulates the fine facial muscles with very small amounts of electricity. There are thirty-two (32) different muscles of the face that are manipulated during the average micro-current treatment. True micro-current uses less that 500 microamperes (Ua) cannot cause visible muscle contractions due to its low intensity. According to Dr. Cheng’s 1982 experiment and study has recorded the increase of 500% level in adenosine triphosphate (also known as ATP, a protein that is referred to as ‘the energy of life’) along with the augmentation of amino acid transport by 30% to 50% on tissue that was treated which led to further intensify of collagen production, speeding up of wound healing process and strengthen elastin. However, the same study indicated the ATP levels plummeted and depleted (visible muscle contractions) when applied with current intensity more than 500 microamperes.
Bearing this study in mind, there are evident from clinical experiments that hand-held devices seen on TV or sold to a general public that use as much as 5000 microamperes do receive some instant tone, however, when used cumulatively, create flaccid and lifeless muscles that are completely void of ATP.

Series of treatments are recommended since ATP can be stored and stockpiles.

Based on clinical studies, Micro-current facial’s benefits can be cited as follows:

  • Younger looking appearance by improving muscle tone in face and neck, lifting jowls and eyebrows;
  • Reduction and elimination of  fine lines and wrinkles;
  •  Improvement facial circulation, skin exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, sun damage and skin pigment;
  • Augmentation of ATP to muscle fibers which enhance fibroblast activity (collagen) and protein synthesis (elastin) in dermis along with the length of fibers doubled on average.

Why select LuminescentSkinbytinat for your Micro-current Non-Surgical Skin Lifting services?

LuminescentSkinbytinat is using one of the most effective and highest performance micro-current device: Bio-Ultimate Platinum manufactured by Bio-Therapeutic, Inc. which run with a low current intensity inferior to 500 microamperes that can generate an abundant volume of ATP greatly benefit for your collagen production and elastin enhancement.  Furthermore, as a well-trained, skilled and certified with patented Suzuki micro-current sequencing (that are precisely targeting the thirty-two (32) facial muscle with most efficient Anti-aging movements, techniques and methods) for the micro-current treatment services, your expectation of a Skin Lifting, Firming, Toning, Glowing and Healthy will be absolutely attained.

Need an instant lift, beautiful and youthful complexion?  Check out and experiment our Toning Facial or Electrical Stimulation Services for a thrilled experience.

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